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Apr 22, 2010 6:00pm EDT
were able to get fabulous deals in virginia. spf, perfect play on housing. we also like what goes into housing. pier one, sherwin williams, not to mention sears, whirlpool, stanley black and decker. appliances are on fire here. anything that goes into a home. anybody that sells it, tjx, bd h bath & beyond, smoking. and finally, this is a new one. hotels. marriott reported a fabulous quarter today, beating the consensus by 2 cents a share. on the conference call, marriott talked about how the recovery is happening faster than expected. corporate travel room nights up 16% year over year. business strengthening, starwood symbol hot. another great hotel chain reports next week. i expect good things. our favorite play, winn for its growth potential. newly launched encore. if you bought winn at its low today, you made $5.72. better than a sharp stick in the eye. here's the bottom line. the next time we get a pullback like we got today, and i think we'll get one tomorrow because of onlyson and microsoft. ultra fast growers, aerospace, banks but only with revenue growth, the return to hou
Apr 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
virginia. he says indiana as in in to in. he always sounds like -- mr. west virginia john chambers is one of the most conservative in the kurnt acountry and when he business is good no one listened. just like the force horsemen, oracle, microsoft, before it became the new horsemen of google and amazon -- i have to tell you, i think underratesed cisco is about to explode upward. i need to go to brad in my home state of pen, brad. >> caller: hey, jim, big phillies boo-yah to you. >> we go tonight, and let's hope jimmy rollins gets better fast boo-yah right back at you. >> caller: china integrated energy. they have strong growth in both earnings and revenue. they've got a good p/e ratio. they're expanding and they're doing it with cash. has them as a strong buy. what do you think? >> all right. we're philadelphians, you and me. we don't like to lose money and secondly we don't like bums. i think a lost chinese stocks that have been issued in the last two years look to me like the '64 phillies. they do not look to me like the 2010 phillies. i think they are companies that give up the
Apr 12, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. it owns metallurgical coking coal pants in virginia indiana ohio and illinois along with metallurgical coal mines in virginia and west virginia. you know we like this. we like met coal. how about that play we had in walter energy? now, last quarter this segment's earnings were up 179% from a year ago, up 123% from the previous quarter. the business is a hidden gem. remember, we're doing break-up value analysis here, especially now that met coal is out of control demand side and supply's limited. and it's being revamped by an aggressive -- this is sunoco's being revamped by an aggressive new management team led by lynn elsonhans, who is by the way very welcome on our show. took over as ceo in august 2008. but they've been slashing costs, raising cash, monetizing logistics assets, closing underperforming refiners, doing everything right to look like to me, bring out the value maybe break up the company. here's the bottom line. if casey's general is worth 2 billion then you'd better believe that sunoco as sets which have better scale on the retail side are massively undervalued by this $3
Apr 6, 2010 6:00pm EDT
news out of west virginia, where four coal miners are still missing after an explosion which killed 25 others yesterday. nbc's tom costello joins us live live from west virginia with the details. >> reporter: hi, larry. this is a real race against time. right now the search teams and the rescue teams are drilling 1,000 feet into the ground from up on top of the mountain to try to drill into the mine. once they have the bore holes drilled -- and it won't be until midafternoon tomorrow -- once they have the bore holes drilled, they'll try to flush air in there and allow the methane gas in the mine to vent out. they're also hoping they can drop a microphone down and looking for tapping. the miners here yesterday, we now know at least 25 are dead.
Apr 26, 2010 6:00pm EDT
money." let's start with lou in virginia. they're louin. lou. oh, lou, come on, man. >> caller: this is ed. >> you're up, lou, go ahead. lou? >> caller: this is ed in illinois. >> oh, ed. ed in illinois. fantastic. what's up? >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah. this is lou from northern virginia. >> oh, my god. siste sister, brother -- lou, ed, ed, lou, go ahead. >> caller: i have a cousin in california that's telling me aone is a good stock to buy. do i have a smart cousin? >> no. no. well, maybe we shouldn't just grade him on this. maybe he has other attributes that are positive. but it certainly isn't this one. i can't tell you to sell your cousin. i can tell you to sell aone. let's go to jesse in new york. jesse. >> caller: hey, jim. want to give you a big long island, new york giant boo-yah! >> well, i like that peter, paul rob peter played paul guy that you drafted. >> caller: the company -- revised price target upward to around $21. what do you think, jim? >> interrupts my whole analysts of the nfl draft. mel kuiper jr. and i were talking all weekend. but you know what? you're
Apr 5, 2010 6:00pm EDT
it. i'll be there. let's go to patricia in virginia! patricia! >> caller: boo-yah from charlottesville, jim. >> charlottesville. >> caller: my stock is halliburton, hal. >> let me give you a jeffersonian answer. i think that stock's created eke well a lot of other drilling companies. i know they're doing some terrific -- [ buzzer ] oh, come on. this isn't abe lincoln. i'm talking about jefferson. the guy on the nickel. let me tell you something. that guy, that's so fabulous, i've got to recommend the stock. jonathan in florida. jonathan. jonathan? >> caller: yes. >> you're up, jonathan. hit me! >> caller: jim, big boo-yah from hurricane country, miami, florida. >> wow. >> caller: yeah. you're a crazy nut, but i love it. listen, i know you're not a fan -- >> now, wait a second! wait a second! i think i'm a ridiculously crazy nut. i resent the implication. >> caller: don't resent it because you're the man, baby. listen -- >> okay. thank you. >> caller: i know you're not a fan of china right now. but cagt. china agritech. >> i've been a believer ever since i realized when
Apr 6, 2010 4:00am EDT
killed in a coal mine explosion in west virginia, the worst u.s. mine disaster since 1984. 24 people are unaccounted for. the blast happened on monday afternoon at the upper big branch mine, about 30 miles south of charleston. the mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas. shares fell about 5% in after hours trading. >>> an aid to senator max baucus now says that the committee chair will be watching china closely in the next couple of weeks. on saturday, baucus is concerned that the decision repeats the same failed approach to u.s.-china economic policy, lou. >> cnbc and continental research have just released a poll of business leaders. it asked which of the following economic policies they believe the next government should pursue to tackle the uk deficit. cutting spending and dealing with the deficit immediately after the election or wait until after the economy is stabilized and then act? most respondents, they believe cutting spending and reducing the deficit after the election is the top priority. the survey asked which leader
Apr 15, 2010 6:00pm EDT
hear this sound, the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy. alan in virginia. alan? >> caller: hey, a big boo-yah to you, mr. cramer. >> what's up? >> caller: sandridge energy. >> everybody is hating this. they're all piling out. i say buy, buy, buy! it's a high quality stock. look what apache did today. mariner energy. i think the stock is -- it looks like it's in a permanent down trend. i'm getting bullish, not bearish. burton in pennsylvania. >> got to get a big boo-yah to ya. listen, dude, i know you' got advi visa in your charitable trust fund but i'm calling about american express, dude. >> listen, dude-alicious, american express had a big spike. i'm a little uncomfortable here at 46. in the high 30s, i was all over it. but you know what, at this point, we need a pullback in american express. it's up too much on the spike. i love credit cards, that's why i'm sticking with visa. i continue to think that jpmorgan is a monster on the midway. my take is american express, not up here. max from vermont. max? >> jimmy, boo-yah! >> we have not had a vermont call reall
Apr 13, 2010 6:00pm EDT
be bought here. i think the stock could go to the 50s. let's go to david in virginia. david! >> caller: hey, jimbo, a united states navy boo-yah! >> a thank you for serving boo-yah. how can i help? >> caller: i want to know about citibank. you mentioned it a little while ago, and i want to know if it's going to make it to $10 -- >> i think this stock goes higher. i would dare to say it goes much higher. book value p $5. am i still using my 2012 target? you bet i am. but it's going to be december 12012. monday negative articles in the paper. today negative articles in the paper. what happens? the stock either goes higher or stays the same. when the government clears out the stock's going to take off. i want you to buy citi right here. >> caller: yabba dabba boo-yah from pittsburgh and a boo-yah to the greatest man i know, my dad, who's the one who told me to start watching your show. >> he's the man, and i salute him. how can i help? >> caller: what do you think about sprint i? know they're a major holder in -- >> very hard. sprint's very hard because it's very speculative and because i don'
Apr 15, 2010 11:00pm EDT
is over. are you ready, skee-daddy. the lightning round. i'm going to start with allen in virginia. allen? >> caller: hey, a big boo-yah to you, mr. cramer. >> what's up? >> caller: i was interested in sandridge energy. >> everybody is hating this. because of the acquisition. they're all piling out. i say buy, buy, buy! it's a high quality stock. i love it. look what apache did today. mariner energy. i think the stock is -- it looks like it's in a permanent down trend. i'm getting bullish, not bearish. burton in pennsylvania. burton? >> caller: oh, cramer, first things first. got to give you a big boo-yah too you. >> i'm loving that. i'm loving a keystone boo-yah. how can i help you, partner. >> caller: listen. i know you've got visa in your charitable trust. but i'm calling you about axp, american express, dude. >> listen, dude-alicious, american express had a big spike. i got to tell you. i'm a little uncomfortable here at 46. at 42, in the high 30s, i was all over it. but you know what, at this point, we need a pullback in american express. it's up too much on the spike. i love credit
Apr 27, 2010 11:00pm EDT
together just last week. this is a breakthrough deal. an india company in pennsylvania, west virginia. this is one of several where a large buyer from overseas comes here to cash in on our bountiful natural gas holdings. we want to learn more about the deal with reliance and the future of this company. let's hear from edward cohen, the chairman and ceo of this winning company atlas energy. welcome to "mad money." have a seat. how you been? >> i've been great. you obviously are great. >> you know, look, we know that there could be bad hearings in washington, we know that greece is weak and portugal's weak. we know an indian company with all kinds of money came to america and bought a gigantic slug of your company. how transformational was this deal? >> for us enormously. i think for reliance, they say it's enormously important to them. they plan to spend up to $5 billion in the next ten years, they announced in their press conference, and we plan to help them spend it. >> all right. now, look, i've got to ask you. this when deal came out i said, all right, how does this company connect
Apr 30, 2010 6:00pm EDT
tragedy that befell the coal miners in west virginia along with the pie in the sky solar wind and biomass businesses. oh, man. you can't count on presidential help for natural gas. if these stocks are going to get any assistance, it's coming from abroad. think about reliance industries, just closed $1.7 billion deal for 40% of new cramer fave atlas energies' core marcelus shale acreage. or mitsui's venture with anadarko. those guys have been crushed because of their oil exposure. mitsui paid for 35% of anadarko's marcellus assets. given the massive opportunities in marcellus shale in appalachia and the incredible amount of incredible in marcellus acreage from big foreign players we were intrigued. while reading through a ubs, not -- ubs initiation report on range resources. we saw a name that we weren't familiar with. it's national fuel gas. symbol nfg. do you know this has the largest marcellus acreage per share and the fourth largest overall. maybe you haven't heard of it because nfg is a diversified energy company. part exploration and production business, one part pipeline, part utili
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)